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The experts at your Wayne, NJ Mazda dealer will tell you that regular maintenance on your Mazda ensures that your vehicle will last longer and keep getting you to where you need to go. But it’s not just all about oil changes. The radiator in your Mazda is vital in keeping your engine cool and allowing it to function smoothly. But how do you know if you need a radiator repair? Let’s examine the signs.


When you get a warning from your Mazda’s display panel that the engine temperature has started creeping upwards, this might be a sign that there is some sort of issue with your vehicle’s radiator. Although it might just be low fluid levels or a thermostat issue, don’t ignore this problem, as it could lead to more serious ones.


Maybe you ignored that warning from your temperature gauge, or maybe your engine just all of a sudden started emitting steam out from under the hood. Either way, you’ve got a radiator issue and need to allow it to cool down before getting it right away to an expert.


Popping the hood on your Mazda and doing a cursory inspection from time to time is not a bad idea. While under there, look for rust or discoloration on the radiator. This may be an indication that you’ve sprung a leak in the radiator, or a hose linked to the cooling apparatus.

If this leak has sprung, radiator fluid will spurt out and end up on hot engine components. That fluid will “boil” off quickly and leave behind spots of discoloration, which then lead to rust. A discolored, rust-spotted, leaky radiator indicates a repair is in order.


Your Mazda will probably warn you on your dash display if your radiator coolant level starts to drop, and you should take heed. Bring your vehicle in to an auto technician to diagnose the problem, as they can conduct thorough tests to look for leaks.


If you see any viscous liquid under your car that is green, red, yellow, orange, or pink, you’ve likely got a radiator leak that needs to be addressed right away. Though it might be the hoses that are leaking, a car maintenance expert can test if the radiator itself is the problem. Either way, don’t let this issue go unchecked.


If you sense a problem with your Mazda’s radiator, check out the coolant in the system. If it looks more black or brown, unlike the colors mentioned previously, your radiator might be failing. The coolant will eventually develop a thick, muddy texture and, if not replaced promptly, can end up causing severe engine and transmission problems.

Make sure you pay attention to these warning signs so you can preserve your radiator, and your Mazda, saving you money and hassle for as long as you drive it. See us right away at Wayne Mazda so that we can help you with all of your car maintenance needs.

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