Winter is in full force already for those in Wayne, NJ and beyond, but it's not too late to be prepared, especially when it comes to your car, truck, or SUV. Here at Wayne Mazda, our service center is always happy to help you get prepped for winter with maintenance and services that you need, along with suggestions and tips that will have you and your vehicle winter ready and avoiding potential hassles when the weather gets even colder and snowier.

One tip that applies for your vehicle in general, but is a good idea in winter is to get your oil changed and have your fluid levels checked and topped off if needed. These are all vital vehicle functions, and if your oil hasn't been changed or your fluid levels are too low it can impact vehicle performance, which in the winter isn't ideal, especially if it leads to your vehicle not starting.

Speaking of your vehicle starting, having your battery checked is a service we provide here in our service center for those in Ramsey, Morristown, Lodi and Butler, NJ. We'll let you know if it's still good to go, or if you need a new battery and can recommend replacements and install them for you so you're not needing your car jumpstarted on cold days.

Inside your vehicle, you want your heat to be functioning at its highest levels, and that's why a cabin air filter and heating system check is always smart to ensure you're getting clean air in as efficiently as possible to not only warm your vehicle, but to defrost your windshields as well.

Lastly, driving with snow tires adds another level of confidence especially when the roads are snowy or slippery. We can recommend a good set of treads and install them for you so you keep a firm grip of the road in all your winter travels.

If you have any questions about service, our team would be happy to provide you with all the details, provide answers and schedule an appointment for winter service today!

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