You hear about the Mazda brand on the radio or television; you may even hear about your neighbors in Ramsey or Wayne, NJ talking about their brand-new Mazda. But, very few talk about the history of the Mazda brand and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into every type of vehicle they make. It is all part of the Mazda Spirit and the mission statement of the brand to make cars which make driving matter. Each Mazda represents more than just a machine that drives you from Point A to Point B, it represents exquisite design and a history of precise craftsmanship and innovation. Capture the Mazda Spirit for yourself when you test drive a new or pre-owned Mazda here at Wayne Mazda in Wayne, NJ! Our dealership is conveniently located less than a half hour outside of Lodi at 1244 NJ-23.

A History of Power and Refinement

The Mazda history began in Hiroshima, which is a city that rose from the ground up to become a center of commerce and industry in Japan. One of the first innovations of the Mazda brand came in 1967 with the development of the rotary engine, an innovative power method for vehicles which went unmatched by other automakers but gave their sports cars a great deal of efficiency and power. Later on, the world witnessed the birth of the iconic Mazda Miata in 1989 which was designed to stand out from the crowd, bringing fun and excitement to anyone's drive. We here at Wayne Mazda believe that this goal continues to resonate to this day in the MX-5 Miata, which is one of the most popular coupes on the market today; you may even see some driving around near your hometown in Butler.

Throughout its history, the Mazda brand has aimed to set itself apart from the others and create cars people can feel safe in and really enjoy driving. This became increasingly clear with the development of SKYACTIV® technology, first released in 2010. Whether it's the transmission, engine, body construction, or chassis, SKYACTIV® technology blends power and efficiency in one engine that people often prefer to the noisy, turbocharged engines of other vehicle brands.

Check Out a Mazda Today!

The Mazda Spirit shows no signs of stopping or faltering in the future and we may soon see the debut of more innovative technologies and cars in the years to come. In the meantime, come enjoy one of these fantastic new Mazda models for yourself and test drive a new or used Mazda at Wayne Mazda! We are located less than a 45-minute driver outside of Morristown and we hope to see you soon!