The Mazda brand recently announced their intentions to add a new Rear Seat Reminder feature to the existing i-ACTIVSENSE® high-tech safety features; this feature will soon come available on Mazda models here in Wayne, NJ at Wayne Mazda. This application comes from a proactive response to injuries and fatalities which occur from unintentionally leaving children in the backseat of a parked car. Mazda hopes to introduce this feature to all new Mazda models in every trim level by 2025 or earlier, so stay in touch to receive exclusive updates on this feature and upcoming new Mazda models as word arrives here at Wayne Mazda, located less than 25 minutes outside of Lodi.

An Aid to Parents and Children

"The commitment by Mazda and the entire automotive industry to install rear seat reminder safety systems underscores how such innovations will help parents and caretakers keep their children safe," said Mazda President Jeff Guyton. This application will function similar to the front seatbelt reminder system, by sending you an audio and visual alert each time you park in Wayne or Morristown, sending a visual alert, if needed, to remind you of a current occupant in the backseat. In this manner, you may remind your children to unbuckle or you can reach back and help your little ones in the child safety seats unbuckle for easy disembarking.

Mazda understands your daily routine in Butler, NJ might have many aspects, but with this feature, as well as the other i-ACTIVSENSE® driver-assist safety features, you will ensure no one gets left behind the next time you bring the kids with your grocery shopping.

Stay Tuned for Updates

The rear seat occupant system is expected to debut among certain Mazda models premiering in 2020, so make sure you contact our sales team to receive exclusive updates on this application as they arrive. You may also check out the current new Mazda models we offer at Wayne Mazda and take one out for a test drive here on NJ-23, less than a 40-minute drive outside of Ramsey. We hope to hear from you soon!

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