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Headlights are vital for driving safety, especially at night or other times when visibility is restricted. They’re not only important for your safety, but they’re also important for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians. Headlights, just like lightbulbs in your house, can fail. When you need new headlights, your local Mazda dealer can easily replace them for you. These are some signs you’re going to need new lights:



A headlight bulb that’s flickering is a sign that the bulb is going to blow. Depending on the type of bulbs you have, a headlight bulb can last from 500 hours to 30,000 hours. Bulbs are fitted in pairs, and we advise that if one light is ready to blow that you replace both bulbs. The second bulb will fail in a few days and it saves you a return trip to fit the second bulb.

A flickering bulb could also be caused by a wiring problem. Our technicians can test the wiring and the light socket. If it’s a wiring problem, replacing the bulb and not repairing the wiring will cause the replacement bulbs to fail as well.


Dim bulbs can also be a sign that the bulb is going to fail. As a bulb wears out, it doesn’t shine as brightly as it once did. If your lights are dim, they could also be a sign of an electrical system problem. Your alternator supplies power to all of your car’s electrical systems, including the headlights. When an alternator starts to wear out, it produces less power than your car demands.

The lack of power forces your car’s computer to shift power according to component demands. When you switch on your lights, only enough electricity will be supplied to allow the bulbs to light up. If the bulbs blaze brighter after a while, this means you have a weak alternator. Our technicians can replace the alternator, and we’ll test the bulbs to see if they need to be replaced.


Your headlight bulbs and the electrical workings are protected from water, dirt, and other contamination by clear lenses. These lenses can be easily damaged, and cracked lenses cause two problems. The first problem is that cracked lenses are a traffic violation. It’s illegal to drive with cracked lenses, as they obscure your vision and make it more difficult for other drivers or pedestrians to see your car.

Cracked lenses can cause additional damage to your headlights. The crack can allow water to enter, and this can damage and short the electrical wiring in the headlight. It can also cause corrosion of the bulb socket. We can replace the headlight or the lenses depending on the level of damage.

Driving in the dark creates a distorted view of the road ahead. Light and shadows can make vision difficult. If you’re having any problems with your headlights, call us right away at Wayne Mazda. We can easily replace your headlights.

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