Let Wayne Mazda Take Care of the Tires on Your Mazda

Driving with excellent traction is essential; that's why we encourage you to replace your tires on your Mazda at Wayne Mazda when your tread gets low. And while doing so we'll give your vehicle a full inspection to let you know of any potential services you may need in the future.

We'll Switch Out Your Seasonal Tires

Looking to trade out the tires for the appropriate season? We've got your back. Schedule an appointment and we'll get your Mazda in and out of the shop in no time. Staying in control during the winter months is critical, and in the summertime, there is nothing like driving with low profile tires that handle the turns well.

Change Out Your Tires Quick and Painless

When you bring your Mazda outside of Ramsey or Morristown for service, we always inspect the tires to let you know how much tread is left. If the threads are already showing on your current set of tires the time is past due for tire replacement. Not quite sure which tires you need? Our service specialists will help you find the perfect set for your Mazda or any other vehicle.

Tire Repair

At Wayne Mazda, our highly-trained service professionals can put a plug in your damaged tire to avoid the costly price of purchasing a new one. If you have a flat tire on your Mazda don't hesitate to bring it into our workshop so that we can take care of you.

Schedule Your Tire Service Online

Did you know that making an appointment online is one of the most efficient ways to schedule service at our dealership in Wayne? You can also give us a call or simply visit us in the Lodi and Butler area when you are ready to purchase a new set of tires.