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Chinese food is flavorful, abundant, and you can count on getting a good dish for a great price. With so many restaurants in Wayne, NJ, you will want to make sure you are only getting the best Chinese food when you want to go out for a special meal or order some takeout. Here are some of the best options you’ll find in the area.


There is nothing like good Chinese food. You can find many classic options at Golden Jade Chinese Restaurant, from moo shu pork to delicious chow mein. They also offer lunch specials, which will allow you to have a good meal for a very affordable price.
Plus, they also offer healthy choices for those who want to skip the fried dishes. They have an entire menu of steamed options that includes great chicken dishes as well as shrimp and vegetable-only dishes.


This restaurant has everything you might want, from crispy dumplings filled with delicious meat to specials such as chicken in garlic sauce. You can also get abundant portions of fried rice with pork as well as seafood options.
Plus, the prices are really great and the place is quiet, which makes it a perfect spot to have a nice meal and take a break from your busy life while you enjoy great Chinese food.

3. KOI

There is nothing like fusion places in which you can find the mix of two different culinary legends. This is the case in Koi, where you will be able to find both Chinese and Japanese dishes. They offer fresh ingredients and they are considered a very consistent place by customers, meaning you will always get what you’re looking for.
Some of the favorites include their chicken with broccoli and sushi dishes such as dynamite rolls and the shrimp tempura roll. This is the perfect spot if you are not sure what you want to get or if you’re going with other people. There is something for everyone!


Another great Japanese-Chinese option in the area is Double Ai. This is a great spot for those who love seafood as you will find dishes such as seaweed salad, fresh sashimi options, and even hot and sour seafood soup.
The place is very nice, making it perfect for a special night out. Plus, the portions are generous and you get a bowl of crispy fried noodles with hot and sour sauce just for sitting down at the table!

5. CHENG DU 23

Those who love Schezuan dishes are in for a treat! Cheng Du 23 has a wide number of options, including their special Heavenly Chicken, delicious Dan Dan Noodles, and some large and generously filled Soup Dumplings.
Do keep in mind that some of the options might be a bit spicier than other Chinese places. This is due to the Schezuan recipes, which tend to have spicier ingredients!

There are many great places where you can get delicious Chinese food in the area. Visit Wayne Mazda to get the ride that will take you there!

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